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download 24/7 file is the name of the actual.iso file codfection, I don't know if there is an alternative to that, it seems a pretty standard computer, a google search might be helpful. ok what about a live usb? or do you have a network connection you can use to install it? codfection: USB is not a "live CD". It only boots the image on the USB stick. Hi, I am trying to use vsftpd, as a specific user and the home directory is in another partition and sftp is slow to transfer, is there a way to use both? ok. what about this my use case is: I login as user, and the home directory is located on a other partition, but I have a folder inside the home dir which I can directly download from my website nikar_: That sounds like a one-time thing and isnt a "regular" use case. nikar_: you need to be running sftp on the server or make your user mount the drive at login? bekks: i do this daily nikar_: Then you have to run sftp on the server or make your user mount the drive at login. bekks: but on my home-machine i use ubuntu as a minimal-host, and it has a web-server on the home dir, but the sftp is slow, because the pc is slow, and i would like to know if i can make the ftp work on that pc, so i can upload via sftp nikar_: So dont use sftp, just use ftp. bekks: i use sftp on this pc, and it is slow, i need to use ftp nikar_: Then just set up ftp. ftp has nothing to do with it, if sft



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Hichki Full Movie Hd 1080p In Hindi esbipho

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